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I’m Vipin Kumar (Google AdWords Certified), a Freelance PPC Consultant & Professional PPC expert in Delhi. I have 10+ years of experience handling PPC campaigns for small and large businesses, across a wide range of businesses and markets.

Reach your target audience, generate more leads and Target customers and boost revenue. A certified PPC Expert will help you set up a profitable campaign & help in optimizing it. Dedicated A/c Manager. Implementing New Features.

Delight discover my website more to understand more about me, my knowledge, experience, clients and most importantly results which I have achieved with my PPC campaigns.

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How I can help you manage your PPC Campaign?

Occupied as a PPC expert, I have over 10+ yrs of experience handling Pay Per click campaign for Google Adwords. I entirely know very well what we have to do which platform to really make it actual. In its place of directed on small promotions, I rather focus on the main issue to create the probable Occurrence on asset for that campaign. My work space is approximately split briefed below:

PPC Services in Delhi

Our PPC Process

KeyWord Research

Landing Page Development

Tracking Installation & Testing

Monitor Performance

Analysis & Feedback

AD Creation

Account Set Up

Campaigns Launch

Campaigns Assement

Considerate your obligation: As Pay per click campaign involves cost for every single click so it’s vibrant that you appreciate your needs to guarantee that we are able to setup an offer to prevent false unwanted clicks and charges. Considerate target location, audience, timing, business structure and competition is the main a few things i begin with.

Pay Per Click Campaign Setup: Campaign setup is among the most important stuff next. This lays the goal for Pay per click campaign. A excessive setup campaign supplies a huge opportunity to get business traffic. The important thing here’s to know the company traffic keywords and begin with exact match keywords to ensure that we do not spend too much immediately. Quality Score is again another major aspect which fixes the proficiency from the campaign.

Website Landing Page optimization: Your website landing page is truly a key factor that obtains the circulation produced through the PPC channels therefore it must have everything that we’re advertising for which our audience is searching for! Website landing page must have all possible elements to really make it effective like Telephone number, enquiry form, product/services details etc at the best place so the customer do not need to to navigate further lower for conversion.

Why Choose Freelancers for AdWords Campaign?

With using a Freelancer you’ll have a much more transparency too, most Freelance PPC experts allows the customer convenience Pay Per Click account that’s setup so the client can easily see what they’re expenditure their cash on. Likelihoods are the PPC consultant will require a regular monthly organization fee. This really depends on your budget the industry standard will be around 15-20% of your overall spend on top of your budget for their management fee.

It’s worth finding a PPC expert aboard, after recent occasions I generally took over frequent accounts which were setup by Reach local and also to be fair sloppy isn’t the term with regards to the setup and research put in the campaigns I have seen. I’ve saw clients targeting areas and keywords that you simply wouldn’t believe. A novice couldn’t possibly have it so wrong even when it had been their first campaign. My impression would be that the campaigns are positioned up very rapidly without any thought put in it.

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