This Web Project Management Training Course will help you to understand the fundamental skills required for effective project management within the digital industry.  The course will provide you with a workable project management approach that enables you to bring structure and control to your web project. Managing web projects is difficult: mixed teams, experts in different areas and stakeholders that frequently pull you in different directions, with tight deadlines adding additional pressures.

You will gain an understanding of the relationship between online and organisational marketing. You will also become very familiar with the main concepts behind web project management along with the key factors involved with the implementation, measurement and evaluation of successful projects.

This course covers the fundamentals of project management for web projects: what it is, why projects go wrong, and what’s different about web projects. You will be given an overview of different project management methodologies and learn how and when to manage each of these methods.


This course is ideal for web manager, general managers and marketers who want to learn how to manage projects, using the tools and techniques available to  deliver projects on-brief, on-time and within budget.

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