How to add social media buttons to your blog

When you produce regular content on your blog or website you want to attract as many visitors as possible and you want these visitors to share your content with their friends, followers, and connections.  The best way to achieve these goals is to link your site to your social networking sites by simply adding buttons (often referred to as badges) to your blog that direct people to your social media pages when they click on the relevant icon.

The great news is you don’t need to be a computer programmer to add this functionality to your site as each of the main channels has made it really easy for you and this blog post explains how to simply add social media buttons to your blog.

If you have a WordPress site like mine it’s fairly simple as most themes come with social media button functionality built-in, all you have to do is add your social media page URL to the button.  You can clearly see these at the top right-hand corner of my site.  The downside to these is they are often inflexible e.g. my current design forces me to display all of the icons or nothing and doesn’t have a LinkedIn option.

Thankfully WordPress enables you to also add a bespoke Text widget which enables you to create your own social media badges – look to the right-hand side of my blog and you will see these clearly.  All you need to do is name the widget and copy the code that you can create by following each of the links below:

Here is an example of Googles:

Adding a Google+ badge to your website or blog

If you are signed in to the channel that you wish to create a button for simply click on the link, follow the instructions such as selecting the type of button you are looking and how you want it to be displayed and copy the code.  The code can be pasted into your site in the location you want it and hey presto you have a button that links to your site.

If you look at my site as an example all I did was copy the code generated at the Google, LinkedIn and Twitter links and paste it into one Text widget and added a title “Follow me here”, here is a screenshot showing how simple this is:

Adding the code to generate social media buttons in WordPress

For the Facebook button I chose to use the ready-made Facebook Like Box widget found within Jetpack, all I had to do was add some text for the title and paste in my Facebook page URL.

I hope you found this article useful and please follow my social media channels for future posts

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Boost Your Business with Social Media

Social Media has been the talk of the town for quite some time now and if leveraged well, can boost your business to an unexpected level. But this social media success is based on a few factors – MARKETABILITY, CONNECTIVITY, AND ENGAGEMENT.

Marketability is the ability to sell your products or services effectively. In this digital era where else could you find a better platform for marketing your product other than social media? Social media has the highest people engagement in today’s time and leveraging this is very important. However, you must present yourself well while marketing yourself on social media. As it is said, the first impression is the last impression; your profile should be such that it leaves a good impression in the minds of the people. Use this platform well and highlight your expertise and strengths. There should be a call-to-action explaining what value addition you bring to your audience.

Social media is a place where people connect, and here you can connect with your audience too. Here you can stay connected with your existing customers and try connecting with new audiences and future prospects as well. It is believed that the bigger the network the better it is for your business. This can be good to an extent as long as it does not create a negative impression about your product or service. For instance, while connecting to someone on LinkedIn, try sending a note with your invitation mentioning your details rather than sending canned messages.

The other most important point is engagement. You need to learn how to engage your audience on social media as well. It could be anything, maybe some questionnaire or a blog that would engage the audience. The more you engage your customer, the more there will be business opportunities for you.


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