Pay per Click (PPC) advertising campaigns allow you to maximise your company’s visibility on key search engines. This Google AdWords & PPC Training Course clearly explains how to set-up Google AdWords campaigns that are compelling and effective.  We show you how to develop and manage your campaigns while increasing your click through rates (CTR’s) and decreasing your advertising budget.

You will be taken through a live tutorial to set up your own Pay-Per-Click campaign.  If you have either underperforming campaigns  or you simply want to get more out of your current AdWords budget, then this course is for you.  Prepared and delivered by AdWords Experts, we explain how to optimize your campaigns, reduce your spend and get the most of your advertising spend.

You will learn what’s involved in ongoing AdWord campaign management, find out how to set your budget and how to write compelling advert copy.  We take you through all of the essentials of planning, implementing and managing your successful PPC campaigns.


At the end of this Google AdWords & PPC Training Course, you will understand how Pay per Click advertising works and how you can take advantage of this advertising option. You will be in a position to plan and implement a Google AdWords advertising campaign.  You should also be able to articulate your requirements regarding your AdWords account with your advertising/marketing agency.

Google AdWord Training

  • Google AdWords Overview
    • Understanding inorganic search results
    • Introduction to Google Adwords & PPC advertising
  • Understanding Adwords Algorithm
    • How does Adwords rank ads
    • What is quality score
    • What is CTR?
  • Creating Search Campaigns
    • Creating our 1st search campaign
    • What is bidding strategy?
    • Understanding different types of bid strategy
    • What are flexible bidding strategies?
    • Creating ads
  • Tracking Performance/Conversion
    • What is conversion tracking?
    • Adding tracking code in your website
  • Optimizing Search Campaigns
    • Optimizing campaign via adgroups
    • Importance of CTR in optimization
    • How to increase quality score
    • Optimizing with keywords
    • Analyzing your competitors performance
  • Creating Display Campaign
    • Difference in search & display campaign settings
    • Ad-scheduling
    • Creating banner ads using tools
    • Creating text ads


  • Overview of Search Engine Marketing – Paid Advertising or Pay per Click (PPC) Advertising
  • Introduction to Paid Advertising Services
  • How Google AdWords works
  • How to set up an effective Google Adwords Campaign
  • Using professional tools to pick the right keywords for success
  • Analysing your market online
  • How to write effective Adword Ad copy
  • How to set budgets
  • How to set up a locally targeted campaign
  • Improving your Click Through Rate (CTR)
  • Landing pages for success
  • Managing Your Campaigns on an ongoing basis
  • Advanced Keyword Research
  • How to see what the competition is bidding on
  • Writing even more compelling ads
  • Advanced Campaign Optimisation
  • Creating Reports
  • Automating Report Generation
  • Why CTR is Important
  • Improving CTR
  • Regional Targeting
  • Keyword Bracketing
  • Using the Google Keyword Tool


The course will be highly relevant to anybody with responsibility for developing or implementing an organisation’s online strategy, including senior management, marketing managers, communication specialists, webmasters and IT managers and personnel. This course will be highly relevant to existing Google advertisers who want to get more from their budgetary spend and experienced PPC bid managers who will be performing the actual work for employers/clients, or for themselves.

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