Display Advertising usually refers to the banners, images and text ads that appear on web sites.  This Digital Display Advertising Training Course will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the creation deployment and management of digital display advertising including display, search, affiliate, email, mobile & social. We give you a broad view of digital advertising opportunities and show you how to plan an online advertising campaign using display adverts. This module will help you to include display as part of an overall marketing campaign or use display on its own.  We explain how to design and develop a comprehensive strategy for display advertising, write your creative brief and determine the best media and sites to meet your campaign objectives.  You will also understand how to optimize your return on investment and we will show you how to correctly budget for your online advertising spend.


After attending this course, you will have a clear understanding of how to develop an online banner and display advertising campaign. You will also understand how the business of online advertising operates for all interested parties.  As a publisher (ie a web site owner), you will get an understanding of how to monetise and optimise your income through your web site.


  • Display Advertising Overview
  • Summary of top advertisers
  • Overview of advertising industry
  • Banner types and sizes
  • Advertising rates and revenues
  • Cost per click
  • Cost per impression
  • Developing your campaigns
  • Flash, multimedia & interactive advertising
  • Tracking, Metrics and Measuring
  • Case studies
  • Getting better results
  • Maximising revenues
  • Ad creative and ad copy


The course has been designed for those who have little previous experience of online advertising and who want to get started in implementing display advertising campaigns. The course is ideal for those with responsibility for developing or implementing an organisation’s online strategy, including senior management, marketing managers, communication specialists, webmasters and IT managers and personnel.

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